About us

Who we are

We are a registered charity (number 1135243) and our objective is

(a) to support local organisations providing care, protection, medical treatment, security and overall humane treatment to animals by making annual charitable financial donations, and

(b) to support local pet owners by providing financial assistance towards the care and treatment of their animals, in partnership with local veterinary service providers.

The shop is named in honour of Hodge, one of Samuel Johnson’s cats who was immortalised in a characteristically whimsical passage in James Boswell’s Life of Johnson.


The charity was founded in 2009 by Dr Doreen Rolph, a remarkably well-read cat lover who wanted to raise funds for animal welfare. The bookshop rapidly became a local institution, and today Doreen’s work is continued by a team of dedicated volunteers.


If you love books and working with people, you could join our team of energetic volunteers as a Shop Assistant.

We are looking for friendly, helpful and reliable people who can spare at least 4 hours a week on weekdays.

Duties include:
– Helping customers find what they are looking for
– Sorting through donations and pricing
– Displaying stock
– General organising and keeping the shop tidy
– Getting involved!

This role is a great way of meeting new people and staying busy : )

If you’re interested please email househodge174[at]gmail.com to apply.